Bespoke lightweight marine panels


TABB Specializes in customer specific, lightweight and durable interior materials

TABB Interior systems and materials 


TABB Interiors is fully dedicated to developing customer specific systems and materials for (marine) interiors. With its in-house engineering and production TABB has the capability to develop solutions for the most complex and demanding of interiors.  

The typical TABB solution involves finished and ready to install interior components, typically produced from lightweight materials, such as Aluminium and Aluminium Honeycomb. All products are specifically designed and made in accordance with customer specifications. 

TABB specialize in producing state of the art systems and products, which meet the highest standards for its finishing and can be produced in virtually any shape or form, with perfect edge detail. The complete product is constructed from Aluminium sheets and unexpanded Aluminium Honeycomb, which allows for maximum flexibility and a superior finishing. 

The quality of the installed product ensures durability and low maintenance. 



TABB expertise: 

- Panel composition, including skin thickness, as required for the application regarding strength or acoustic requirements - Special shapes, such as internal or external curved panels - Reinforced edges for mounting (hidden) hinges - Edge finishing as per customer request, typically with composite or Aluminium edges - Complete with (hidden) inserts for mounting - Postforming capabilities - Production of complete furniture - Wiring integrated in panels - Fire safety and acoustic performance are an integral element of the design of the finished product.  


TABB engineers will be happy using their expertise for solving your challenges. 




Your contact for marine applications is 4SEA Materials B.V. 


Cell: +31 (0)6 424 58 311